Doggy Doos Pet Salon is a full service grooming shop.  Everyone always asked us after every groom how we get their dog to smell so good for so long after their appointment.  Well that is our "secret".  Breeds of all kinds can enjoy a day at the spa.  Most appointments take 1 - 2 hours to complete depending on the breed and how often your dog gets groomed.  We leave plenty of time for your dog not to feel rushed.  We even try to fit in some play time at the end!

Your Dogs Complete Spa Treatment will include:

Brush Out:  This removes the old coat and reduces shedding.  We can also dematt during this process.  Depending on the severity of the mat there may be an extra charge for dematting.

Sanitary Trimming:  Keeping the sanitary area clean and clear is important for your dog's comfort and will look and smell much better too.

Ear Cleaning:  We clean dirt and matter from the ears to reduce or eliminate possible odor and aid in preventing ear infections.  We can even pluck the excess hair from the ears if needed. 

Massaging Bath:  Your dog will come home smelling clean using our high quality salon grade products.  Some dogs may require whitening to brighten the coat, oatmeal to help with irritated skin, or even medicated shampoo.  We can use your Vet prescribed shampoo.  We can accommodate all situations.  All products used are for sale in our boutique area.

Pedicure:  We trim the nails using clippers and can even grind the nails to smooth them off.

Hand Drying:  We take special care in drying your dog.  No giant cage dryers are used in our shop.  We brush out the coat as we are drying.  This will make the coat soft and even so we can use scissoring techniques to beautify your dog.

Finishing Style of Choice:  This depends on you and the breed.  We can create a low maintenance look or we can hand scissor your dog with tn outline trim.  There are also many different types of breed specific trims.  Just express to the groomer what you like and dislike and we can take it from there.

The Final Touch:  If desired, your dog will leave the shop with a bandana or bow along with a finishing spray.  The finishing spray helps condition your dog's coat, make it pretty and shiny and smell great for days. 

Bath Only:  We recommend that most dogs get groomed every 4 - 6 weeks.  However, there may be time that your dog needs a good bath in-between grooms.  Having a regular bath helps to keep your dog smelling fresh and assists in removing the shedding hair. 

Puppy Bath:  It is good to familiarize your new puppy to the grooming salon.  We take special care with or new puppy clients and make sure to give them a pleasurable first experience  We use tearless shampoo, get them acquainted with the tools and spend lots of loving playtime with them.  This is very important for your puppy's future habits at the grooming salon.

Teeth Brushing:  When your vet gets on your about brushing your dogs teeth don't worry about it, we can help by adding it to your groom.  Just ask us to make a note in the system if you want your dog's teeth brushed at every groom.  Dogs need there teeth brushed too.  Even though once a month is not enough it will help prevent decaying teeth and other diseases associated with tartar build up. 

Shed Out:  We can eliminate most shedding on some breeds with the need to shave down your dog.  We use special grooming tools that will remove the majority of the shedding fur preserving your dogs natural coat.

Just Nails:  If you have a dog that generally does not get groomed or they are just not yet ready for their next groom, bring them in to get their nails trimmed.  No appointment is necessary. 

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